Kitchen Faucets: Choosing the Perfect Product

The installation of new taps in your kitchen can improve the functionality and general aesthetics of the space. Therefore, you should consider replacing these plumbing outlets when carrying out kitchen remodelling and renovations. There are numerous faucets in the market with regard to brand, design, cost and durability, so you might find it difficult to select the best item. Here are the important factors to assist in identifying the most suitable kitchen tap.

Fabrication Material

The materials that are used to manufacture the taps will determine the durability and performance of the plumbing fixture. Basically, you should be diligent in ensuring that your selected faucet will be able to withstand high usage in the kitchen. Brass is one of the common options to consider because the metal is strong and long-lasting. The copper in the alloy will limit microbial growth like mould, bacteria and mildew, ensuring improved water safety.

If you live in marine environments, choose brass with aluminium for better corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is an upscale tap fabrication material, and it is favourable because it can resist tarnishing and corrosion after prolonged use. There are also zinc faucets, but the material should be alloyed since it is vulnerable to corrosion. Finally, plastic faucets such as PEX are viable choices, but you should be cautious to avoid easy wearing products.

Spout Style

There are different spout styles used for taps that are designed for installation in the kitchen. Ideally, you should choose a configuration that will allow you to use the sink comfortably. The straight spout design is compact, and you can purchase it at low prices in general stores. Unfortunately, this design is fairly close to the sink, so it can be difficult to place too many items under it. If you choose this spout, ensure that it can swivel significantly for more convenient usage.

The gooseneck spout is probably the most popular design because it provides a lot of clearance with regard to the sink. In simple terms, the high neck will allow you to pace pots and dishes in the basin more comfortably. You should also consider selecting a faucet with a pull-out spout. This feature allows the spout to be pulled out like a hose, making it handy for rinsing the sink.


The finish will determine the visual appeal of the faucet, so this consideration is crucial before purchase. Chrome finishes are popular because they have a clean polished appearance. Powder-coated finishes are also appropriate, particularly for decorative effects. Other suitable options include metal-plating and enamel finishes.