Fire Safety Statements: Burning Questions Answered for New Building Owners

Undoubtedly, fire presents one of the biggest risks to people's safety and the property they own. If you just built a new commercial facility, the least you can do is put up measures to guarantee people's safety during an emergency. The best way is to have emergency fire exits and fire equipment positioned strategically for immediate response. Many new landlords have no idea where to start when it comes to fire safety regulations. Read More 

Air Conditioning Your Mobile Home: Pros and Cons of Three Popular Options

If you are wondering which type of air conditioning system you should add to your mobile home, there are three main options to consider. All of the options have various pros and cons, and the right choice depends on your unique situation. Here are some elements to consider: 1. Ducted HVAC System Pros A ducted HVAC system combines heating and cooling into one, and it can add value to your mobile home. Read More 

Is Your Heater Leaking Carbon Monoxide? Four Questions to Help You Determine the Answer

Worried that your ducted gas heater is leaking carbon monoxide? If so, there are a number of ways you can investigate the problem. Consider working through these troubleshooting tips: 1. Is the pilot light out? If your gas heater has a pilot light, you may smell a faint odour of gas at times. Natural gas is actually odourless and colourless, but for safety, most gas companies add a slight smell to their gas to make it easier to detect leaks. Read More 

Workplace Fire Safety: Where to Keep the Fire Extinguishers

Among the different types of fire equipment to have in the workplace, fire extinguishers are among the most important. You not only need to train employees how to use them properly, but know where to place them. This allows you to access them no matter where the fire breaks out. Here are some places to put your fire extinguishers. Kitchen or Break Room If you have a break room with kitchen appliances in your office, it should have at least one fire extinguisher in the kitchen or just outside the door. Read More 

Kitchen Faucets: Choosing the Perfect Product

The installation of new taps in your kitchen can improve the functionality and general aesthetics of the space. Therefore, you should consider replacing these plumbing outlets when carrying out kitchen remodelling and renovations. There are numerous faucets in the market with regard to brand, design, cost and durability, so you might find it difficult to select the best item. Here are the important factors to assist in identifying the most suitable kitchen tap. Read More