5 Types of Commercial Refrigeration Units for Restaurants

If you are planning on opening a restaurant, you will need to think about the different equipment to use. A common type of equipment is refrigeration. Depending on the size and type of restaurant, there are a few different types of refrigeration units to consider. Here are some of the more common refrigeration units available.

Walk-In Units

If you have a decent sized restaurant and kitchen, you will probably want one or more walk-in units. There are both walk-in refrigerators and freezers to choose from. These units come in different sizes, but can be quite large. If you have a small diner, your kitchen might not be large enough to support the size of a walk-in unit. However, they can be helpful when you prepare a large quantity of items and want to keep more food and ingredients on-site.

Bar Units

The bar refrigeration units go under the counter, and are typically used when you have a restaurant bar. They are close to the ground or at waist-level, allowing you to store mixes, wine, beer bottles, and liquor that is better when cooled. There may also be a separate freezer unit for storing ice or keeping glasses as cold as possible. Depending on the shape of your bar, you might have a combination of under-counter bar units, and traditional refrigeration units in the back wall of the bar area.

Standard Units

The standard refrigeration units are reach-in units, similar to the type of refrigerator in your home. The main difference is that commercial units typically have a separate reach-in refrigerator and freezer unit. These are good for kitchens of different sizes. They often have Dutch doors or the full-length doors available. They also come in different sizes with a wide range of features. Consider the size of your kitchen, your use, and your budget when determining which one will be best for you.

Drawer Units

Another smaller type of commercial refrigeration unit for restaurants is a unit that has refrigerated drawers. These also go under the counter and are good when you have a particularly small kitchen. Your restaurant may be small and you only have a small number of things that need to be kept cold. They are often referred to as fish drawers for kitchens that prepare seafood.

Prep Table Units

The final option is to have prep table refrigeration units. As the name suggests, these are refrigerated units that have an area on top for prepping food. They are commonly used in an area of the kitchen where you are chopping vegetables and preparing ingredients, then placing them in the refrigerated unit just underneath the prep station. It keeps things organised and allows you to keep the prep station separate from cooking areas.

If you have any questions about what might work with your establishment, consider contacting a commercial refrigeration specialist to discuss your options.